Jim Cornette(left), Dr. Tom Prichard(Top right), & Matt Stryker(bottom right)

 Recently in Winston-Salem over 200 of Pro Wrestling’s Super Stars, past, present, and future, gathered to celebrate 25 years of Smoky Mountain Wrestling’s Fire on the Mountain Event, as part of the Wrestlecade Fanfest weekend. 3 Crows b4 Midnight Entertainment Productions was on hand and provided fans with memorabilia. The stars of the wrestling world took part in collecting these great treasures. Get yours now!


Australian Wrestling history on DVD

  Full Length Feature Documentary on the history of World Championship Wrestling from Australia. Jim Barnet paved the way for Pro Wrestling down under. Hear the complete story from the men and women who competed in The promotion.

ALSO A BONUS BOOK: 100 YEARS OF AUSTRALIAN WRESTLING is available in a combo pack!

A must have historic collection 


“White Lightning” Tim Horner & Nicole Stratton

 Wrestling legend Tim Horner and Nicole Stratton have signed with 3 Crows B4 Midnight Entertainment Productions to host a new short series on  The series will feature the two showing classic clips from the Wrestle Rewind Archives. The show, which begins filming in November 2017, will be airing multiple times a week on The Wrestle Rewind Streaming Channel page on Facebook though out 2018. Look for this new duo, and click like. 

6 New DVDs Featuring Continental Wrestling

 Continental Wrestling from the Gulf Coast was one the most beloved wrestling territories. It has produced several top talents who still have an influence in the sport today. It also featured top drawing stars of the day, including WWE Hall of Famers. For the first time on DVD relive these moments. Compiled from the archives of Wrestle Rewind these DVDs consist of the BEST matches from CONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING. COLLECT ALL 6 today! SHOP NOW

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